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WCJT 2018 Announcement

As of this new year 2018, West Coast Jewish Theatre is looking for a new home. THEREFORE, WE ARE NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH THE PICO PLAYHOUSE.

Please direct all inquiries to the WCJT office at (323-821-2449) for all our show information. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space as we continue to bring exciting programs to our dedicated audiences. 

Announcing a new play READING: 

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Simcha is a delightful play about a life-affirming journey into the world of a traveling magical storyteller, who weaves his tales of Jewish folklore. Simcha earns his bread and herring by spinning amusing morality tales for the world-weary townsfolk at a small country inn in a tiny village outside of Bilgoray, Poland in 1856.

Despite the often hard times of the impoverished shtetl-dwellers, who live at the inn, the rascally beggar has a way of charming his hard-scrabble neighbors into taking on the roles in his stories.

Reminiscent of the well-loved stories of Shalom Aleichem, Simcha's tales spread a pervasively modern patina over the seemingly familiar folktales, dealing with the verities of life, death, love, lust, needs and desires with a tenderness and insight that brings them home tellingly and with genuine humor.

To reserve your tickets for Simcha, call 323-821-2449.

Tickets prices are $25 cash or check at the door.

$27 for credit cards.

Please return here often to see WCJT’s schedule of upcoming, additional play readings and full productions.

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