West Coast Jewish Theatre

West Coast Jewish Theatre

Peter Mark Richman

Malachi Throne      Stasha Surdyke

Produced and Directed by Howard Teichman

It Played October 2 through November 22, 2009 at the Pico Playhouse 10508 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90064.

The Value of Names is a drama infused with comedy about three fascinating individuals: Benny, a successful older actor who had been blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee; Norma, his actress daughter, who is struggling to achieve independence from him; and Leo, his director friend who, in the early 50’s, had given his name to the Committee to save himself. The two friends have not spoken since. 

Now 30 years later, new circumstances force them to confront each other and explore their deepest feelings. The key issue in this play is can we eventually forgive someone who committed a reprehensible act. Is 30 years enough time?

Leo and Benny’s confrontation is a clash of titans, sizzling with wit and bitterness. Director Howard Teichman keeps the tone convincingly naturalistic in an assured staging.
— The LA Times' Kathleen Foley

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