West Coast Jewish Theatre

West Coast Jewish Theatre

  The Cast: Corryn Cummins, Jennifer Flaks, Karen Kalensky,  Adam Korson, Peter Van Norden & Jason Weiss.

The Cast: Corryn Cummins, Jennifer Flaks, Karen Kalensky, Adam Korson, Peter Van Norden & Jason Weiss.

A West Coast premiere by the award winning playwright James Sherman, directed by Darin Anthony.   A wonderful comedy, the play deftly addresses issues of faith, commitment and truth. It’s a story about a young man who is trying to discover and understand what it means to be Jewish as the American Nazis are marching into Skokie, Illinois.

Chicago playwright James Sherman’s play, The God of Isaac, is a wonderfully produced comedy playing at the Pico Playhouse in West Los Angeles
— www.reviewplays.com
The cast assembled at the Pico Playhouse could hardly be a better one, beginning with Korson, who has us in the palm of his hand from those pre-show announcements, combining offbeat leading man good looks with oodles of charm and razor-sharp comedic timing to make Isaac Adams fans of us all.
— stagescenela.com
Adam Korson is a charmingly open Isaac, giving his character depth and a bit of deep sorrow that underlies the ample humor. Karen Kalensky is hilarious, also with a touch of heartache, as Isaac’s mother.
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West Coast Jewish Theatre

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