West Coast Jewish Theatre

West Coast Jewish Theatre

Sarah Sarah



 By: Daniel Goldfarb

Directed By: Howard Teichman

  Featuring: Bart Braverman, Cheryl David, Robyn Cohen & Patrick J. Rafferty

Sarah, Sarah  a comedy-drama that deals with over coming the generational fears and expectations that haunt us all.  Act one centers on Sarah, the Jewish matricarch of the Grosberg family.  Sarah is an immigrant from Russia (or is it Poland) and has a great concern that her son is making a serious mistake with the young woman he wants to marry.  Over the secret tea that Sarah planned with Rochelle, the betrothed, she reveals her true feelings for the young woman.  This situation is made more chaotic when her son Artie arrives home.  Will the wedding proceed?  Will Artie go against his mother? All this and Artie’s future hangs on the advice and the influence of the cross-dressing Polish house man that Sarah employs.  Act Two is forty years later, and Artie is on the verge of being a grandfather.  He and his daughter have traveled to China to adopt a baby, Sarah, however things aren’t exactly like they were promised.  As the complications arise and the gravity of the new Sarah’s condition  becomes clear, the question of will she be allowed into the family takes hold.  After a late night bottle feeding and a little stage magic, the two generations of Sarah are brought together.

Preparing tea for cross examination. Photos courtesy of West Coast Jewish Theatre It remains an enduring puzzle why, in a city of more than half a million Jews, where Jewish money supports every form of artistic expression and Hollywood overflows with Jewish talent, the city’s sole Jewish theater st…
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