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By David Ives

Starring: Richard Fancy, Tony Pasqualini, Todd Cattell, Shelly Kurtz, Marco Naggar and Kate Huffman.

Directed by: Elina de Santos

Produced by: Howard Teichman

Location:    Pico Playhouse

10508 Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles 90064


No one knows what the Jewish Elders in Amsterdam said to Spinoza in 1656 to excommunicate him from the Jewish community, but David Ives' imaginative and thought provoking play paints the conflict between Spinoza's radical ideas and the oppressive religious doctrines of his times. In this eloquent and masterful drama, Ives attempts to open the temple doors and lets us listen in on a dispute whose philosophical and political echoes still reverberate today. The historical fiction examines the clash between religion that Jews, Christians and Muslims are still struggling to reconcile.

Director Elina de Santos steers her cast to the highest level and they all give outstanding performances. This is “historic” drama I highly recommend.
— reviewplays.com
West Coast Jewish Theatre’s production of David Ives’ brilliant, exquisitely written “New Jerusalem,” on stage at the Pico Playhouse, is pure theatrical and intellectual magic.
— lasplash.com
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Announces 2013 Award Nominations
— Theatre Mania

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